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Corporate Profile

Company Name Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research
President Toru Otsuka
Address 2-2-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8130, Japan
Capital 110 million yen

Established on April 1, 2004, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research builds on a tradition begun in 1965 of studying financial and capital markets as well as financial institution systems, structures, and trends. NICMR offers original research and policy proposals by specialists based upon actual business experience. It is widely recognised that reinforcing a market mechanism driven money flow structure is essential to the sustainable development of the Japanese economy and society. Accordingly, NICMR aims to contribute to a structural reform envisioning the establishment of a dual-tracked financial and capital markets system that accesses both market-based and bank-based financing. To achieve that goal, NICMR's research on global and up to the minute topics will focus not only on Japan but also on the markets and economies of the developed Western nations. NICMR's mission includes developing appropriate financial and capital markets policy recommendations for China and other developing nations, based upon fundamentals analysis and comparative studies of Japan and the West's market experiences. In December 2019, the Nomura Research Center of Sustainability was established within NICMR. Public interest in environmental and social problems is increasing globally, as reflected in the development of ESG/SDGs. This new research center therefore will engage in research on sustainability issues that closely relate to the financial and capital markets. NICMR publishes research outputs in a quarterly magazine, Nomura Capital Markets Quarterly (Japanese language publication), Nomura Sustainability Quarterly (Japanese language publication) and its website (Japanese, English and Chinese-language), both domestic and internationally.

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