Nomura Research Center of Sustainability

The Nomura Research Center of Sustainability Research was established in December 2019 within the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research to conduct sustainability.-related research. Based on objective and practical research conducted by members of the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research, the Center systematically and strategically extracts and monitors sustainability themes that are closely related to financial and capital markets. The Center’s activities also include disseminating information and making various proposals.

Message from the President

The Nomura Group is committed to the "Creation of an affluent society". Since its foundation, the Group has been endeavoring to fulfill its social mission through the financial and capital markets. Against the backdrop of such recent international agreements as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, the Nomura Research Center of Sustainability Research was established in December 2019 to promote discussions on sustainability in a multilateral and prompt manner. The Center is conducting research with a view toward how capital markets should be utilized to solve global sustainability issues, taking into account the current state of industrial, economic, and social developments.

Message from the Head of the Research Center

The Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research has been conducting research and studies on such themes as climate change, aging populations, social security, regional revitalization, agriculture, education, and corporate governance from diverse perspectives, including fund-raising in the stock and bond markets, financial regulations and disclosures, and tax and fiscal systems, as well as from the regional perspectives of Europe, the United States, China, and other Asian countries. The Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research will further expand its research on sustainability via this Center. As the Nomura Group aims to expand its business globally from its base in Asia, we will also focus on research and disseminate information on topics that address sustainability issues in Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world.


  • Hideki Kanda
    Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo; Professor, Gakushuin University
  • Sayuri Shirai
    Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
  • Yuji Nemoto
    Professor, Toyo University Graduate School; Director, Public-Private Partnership Course
  • Takeshi Mizuguchi
    President, Takasaki City University of Economics
  • Nobuyoshi Yamori
    Professor, Research Institute for Economics and Business, Administration, Kobe University
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